Your 3D Artwork in Crystal

Upload Model to Print ($35)
Upload Model to Print ($35)

3D Content in glass has never been easier.

Your Unique and Everlasting 3D Crystal will be carefully Printed, Polished and Packaged then shipped to your door.

Create 3D Crystal from Sketchfab


Use any of your shared models online. Paste a link to your shared model during checkout and we will confirm its scale and position in Crystal before we start the Lasers.  Remember to make your Model Downloadable and that you have permission to use each model subitted to us. 

Print 3D Model from Google Poly

Display Your VR Artwork in Crystal

Creating 3D VR Artwork is becoming popular and one of the fastest ways to get started is with Google Blocks VR , Googles new Library of 3D content POLY.GOOGLE is now home to models uploaded from VR artists using Blocks Or Tilt Brush.

Share a link you your 3D Model hosted on Google Poly during checkout.

Print From A Facebook 3D Post

3D has arrived at Facebook

Facebook 3D posts are shared on the Facebook platform , across mobile web and VR , through their Facebook Spaces social VR app. 

The ability to share 3D .gtlf models created in most leading 3D creation Tools, on Desktop and VR is a great way to build and explore 3d new content . 

 Below is an Example of a 3D post from facebook.

Export and Print 3D Formats

What is a Voxel?

Think 3D Pixels - A voxel represents a value on a regular grid in three-dimensional space. In our case we use a laser to place tiny fractures or Voxels suspended in 3D space and recreate your chosen 3D model.

More about VOXELs

Capture or Build 3D Content

3D Creation Tools

Selecting the Crystal?

We choose a clear block of "K9" crystal. This crystal is often used in optics and lenses, It has a reduced lead content and offers a clear medium for our lasers.

our Crystal